Six Google Home Tips and Tricks for Busy Parents

  1. Aah! Technology to the rescue:

Have you been sometimes at your desk and hoped to connect with the children back home?

Surveillance cameras can help you see what they are up to but what if you want to give some live information?

Have you thought how Google Home can help busy parents to make sure that thing on their home front is as good as they always wanted to and at the same time they are able to control their home environment remotely?

  1. Add the kids account on the family link:

Adding the kid’s account can mean a great new experience for them as well. Also, with the parental control, you can make sure that they do not handle too much technology than what they are capable of in their tender age.

  1. Getting help with their homework!

Yes, calling out to Google Home for homework help or to ask any random question that passes through their inquisitive minds is now a great idea whilst you prepare the dinner or are trying to send a that important email with your presentation for the next day!

  1. Educational games!

Move over silly games, educational games are more engaging. I tried putting them onto some of the Maths Solving games and they had a chum time figuring out the answers. Check out starwalkkids in case you think you are looking out for engaging educational toys.

  1. Bedtime stories:

What if someone could double up for you when the kids need to be put in bed? Anya and Aasim had to be told stories in bed or they would not sleep. Google Home can say engrossing tales and put them to sound sleep, wow!

  1. Ordering dinner:

For one of those days when you are going to get back late and you know the kids have to wake up early to go to bed, you can ask Google Home to order food for the household. A lot of busy parents think this is a big boon!