What Your House Says About Your Personality? Everything You Need to Know

Every house has a character of its own. This is not something that is inherently present in any building. It is the people that reside in the house that turn a mere building into a home where beautiful memories are made. Your house, the décor, furniture and every little detail in it tells so much about your personality. Several tiny details in the house might tell the audience about who lives in the house. But beyond that, every little corner can tell a whole new story about who you are and how you are living your life.

  • Your décor pieces give a glimpse of your taste- whether you are a minimalist or whether you are someone who loves grandeur.
  • Too many cleaning products stocked up in your house might show your eye for perfection. Because you cannot ignore even the tiniest spot and you like to keep things squeaky clean.
  • The way you maintain your garden might show your emotional state. Most happy gardens reflect happy house owners as well.
  • Paint color choices might reflect your personality. Introverts often tend to stick with milder and neutral colors while the extroverted might settle for bolder livelier colors.
  • The theme in your décor might reflect your dreams, aspirations or even your life stories and passions.
  • A huge walk-in wardrobe with open displays often shows the house owner’s love for fashion.
  • Too many organizers around the house, labeled and neatly organized wardrobes and kitchen cabinets might indicate that you are a very organized person.

Keep your house clean. You can also choose from a variety of services like the ones offered by Dumpsterator – Cambridge. Keep live plants around the house. Fill the walls and each corner of the house with things you love, things that would keep reminding you how beautiful your life is.…