Top 10 Tips for Furnishing & Decorating Your First Home in 2019

Setting up the first home is like a dream come true. Moreover, it involves wise decisions taken at different points like choosing the area and structuring up the right house with appropriate items that could nicely accommodate you and your family for the rest of the life. This is more like a huge process and at times, it might have been stressful and really a time taking process but at the end, it would be truly rewarding.

Here go the top ten tips that could make the task of home furnishing easy for you.

  1. Retaining the neutral tone. Thinking on a good palate or theme could be an initial step to take you off the ground. Some like to choose white and ash tones while some others love to go with the wood tone. Both the ways, it will work and lend you the pleasure of dressing your home smartly.
  2. Now, it is time to write down your wish list. This might include the exclusive things you would love to decorate your home with like 3d architectural rendering pc build.
  3. Get the first quality bed and bedding that suits you. It is logical to invest in a quality bed because one spends at least six to seven hours of their lives on it.
  4. Proper budgeting. This is quite essential as well as sensible to spend according to the size of your pocket. Sometimes, this could save you some money that could be freely spent on purchasing things on your wish list.
  5. Make note of the room dimension as this will help you to decide on the size of the couch or other furniture that fits in.
  6. Take your own time to see around for the best options available and then buy.
  7. Make a good choice of colors for your rooms. You can consult an expert in this case.
  8. Let it be a practice to do one room at a time so that it avoids messing up.
  9. Mix and match can be the right option. When you are confused about decorating the place, just get to try this theme.
  10. Enjoy arranging each and every part of your new home and stay relaxed.


How to Choose a Fridge to Match Your Family – The Ultimate Guide

It’s summer!  It is the time where you dehydrate more and it is necessary to stay cool and hydrated in order to avoid any health issues.  You may want to have cool drinks and fresh juices, also like to drink cool water during the summer season and the basic requirement in the present era to beat the summer is having a refrigerator which fits for your family.

In order to choose the best refrigerator for your family, you can refer to number websites and online shipping platforms, customer review to find the best refrigerators in India.  The following are the ways you need to consider while purchasing a refrigerator;

  • Decide on the size: Based on your family requirement, you need to choose the size of the fridge.  You can choose the double door fridge or single door fridge and the decision is up to your requirement.  If you want a double door fridge, in some refrigerator the freezer part will be in the top whereas, in some refrigerator, the freezer may be at the bottom.
  • Look for the product features: Some brands may come up with unique features like enabling the conversion of either freezer or refrigerator based on the customer requirement whereas some other brands don’t have these features.  It’s up to you to choose the requirement.
  • Look for the dimension: In some refrigerator, it may look compact and fit in the kitchen or in the dining hall whereas some gigantic fridge may be good at looking when it is placed in a separate place in the dining hall.  Hence how you are going to place your fridge, you can choose accordingly.
  • Consider Finishing: Some refrigerator may look elegant when it has a certain finishing and color whereas some may look good when it is placed according to the color of the room.
  • Noise control: There are few refrigerators which come with the option of noise control which help to arrest the noise from the running motor inside the fridge.
  • Electricity consumption: Based on the consumption of electricity, you can find the best one for you.  Some may consume less electricity whereas few other refrigerators may consume more electricity.

The Best Tips for Designing Bedroom Wardrobes That Are Functional

Designing a wardrobe for your room can be very exciting. A wardrobe is an integral part of a room and when you get to design your own wardrobe to suit your needs and uses, it can be more than just perfect.

When you want to know more about luxury watches, you tend to read more at luxtime. When you want to design a wardrobe that not only looks impressive in the room but is also functional, you can use these tips:

  • Measure the space in the room to know how much space can actually be spared for the wardrobe. You may need and want a nice big wardrobe, but is it feasible? Too big a wardrobe might fill up the room and make the room seem cramped or smaller.
  • Don’t forget the measure the space that will be taken up if the wardrobe is opened. You need to use the wardrobe and the doors require enough space to be opened and closed without any obstruction and you should also be able to move around with the doors open.
  • Have multiple opening doors or if space is less, you can have sliding doors. With sliding doors you need to remember you cannot see everything in the wardrobe at one glance, you will have to close one side to see what is there on the other side.
  • If you prefer to hang your clothes rather than stack them up, give more space for hanging. Measure your ideal apparel length to get the right measurement and not waste unnecessary space. You can have the cupboard split into parts with rods and parts with shelves.
  • If the wardrobe is too high in height and you cannot quite reach the top, get a rack on top to store things you don’t use regularly and the rod to hang your clothes from, below it.
  • Get hooks installed inside the wardrobe to hang your bags and belts from. This will optimally use your space as well as keep those accessories at easy reach.

Top 10 Benefits and Downsides of Being a Stay-at-Home Mom

Once you become a parent, the world revolves around the bundle of joy, yet there are times when new mommies get into depression about how mundane the job of a mom is, the feeling of being domesticated becomes a shadow that haunts you forever.

Benefits and Downsides of a Stay at home mom

  1. You are always there for your kid; the guilt feeling to leave the kid home and rush to work is not there at all. You are taken for granted at times
  2. you do not feel the loneliness you had, the little munchkin keeps you on your toes, find toys here and sometimes you need that loneliness to keep  your calm as there is too much chaos at home
  3. you have total focus on the household and the kids, never have to go out and rush for work and meetings, guilt pangs still haunt you when you are tired and late
  4. you have a sense of satisfaction about spending quality time with the kid, and not being taken care by a nanny or at daycare, the kids become very unsocial and cling on to you always
  5. the world is at your footsteps, you are the master of the house, have loads of fun-filled stuff to decorate and make the home look cozy and comfortable, seldom you can cherish that moment!
  6. as you resume after a long work gap, you are no longer looked like, given a second chance, organizations welcome career restarts, yet you have to compromise on the pay heavily
  7. you become a very aggressive saver, as the income from your end greatly reduces; you feel very dependent on your partner
  8. Full-time mom is also a stressful job, but you can always relax with a hot cup of Tea, tada a dream!
  9. you are more consistent as there is a routine you follow every day, and that becomes so mundane and tiring
  10. Your focus about life becomes different as you cherish small joys and happiness, and going well dressed become once in a blue moon affair.

The Ultimate Guide: Saving Money for a Mortgage Deposit

If there is one thing that is the costliest in this part of the world then it has to be housing. Americans spend three-fourths of their lives striving to create a corpus to be able to buy their own piece of heaven. Notwithstanding the fact that rent here is so high that it is so much more difficult to be able to create a capital fund to be able to climb even the first rung of the ladder of your dream home.

But dreams can turn into reality with a lot of determination and of course with a lot of mindful planning:

When I wanted to buy my own home, the challenges were many. The odds of buying my home against mortgaging as collateral are so high that it worried me that my home could be repossessed if I was not timely on my financial commitments. That scared me a lot. I still shiver at such prospects.

Of course, today I own my home and that is why I am writing this piece which will help first-time homeowners in being able to save money for their mortgage deposit.

First question first: what did I do?

I did not want to spend all my savings and put it into the pocket of my landlady. I decided to ask my parents if they had the aptitude and the space to let me into their house for as much as one or one and half years till I was able to secure my deposit amount.

I was also big on using coupons for all my shopping from grocery to medicines to home décor. I found the coupons at extremely useful; check them out too.

I told them my share of duties and the bill sharing ratio and they were quite happy actually. In time, I had enough to be able to set out again.

I understand this cannot be the case with everyone though, so the next best alternative is to find cheaper rooms. Look for cheaper rooms that don’t come with added liabilities such as parking and extra equipment. You can search on Craig’s List to be able to successfully find one near you so that you can live there temporarily till you have enough in your hand to invest in your dream home.…

The Best Tricks to Make Your Bedroom Feel Extra Cozy

A bedroom is your private sanctity where you can be yourself and rejuvenate yourself. This is the one place in your entire house, that you might spend the least time in but also get that much-needed rest and sleep in.

This bedroom can be made super cozy in no time. It can be made more inviting and all this can be done without redoing the whole room or spending too much on it.

Here are some quick tips:


Add more pillows to your bed. They can be in different size or shapes when compared to what you already have. Pillows are inviting and having them in a color contrasting what is already there on the bed will make them pop out and get more attention.

Air Purifier

The quality of the air you breathe in should be good. This is important for your health too. No musty smelling room feels cozy. There are a number of options to choose from. They review the top air purifiers here and this can help you choose the right one for you.


If you have enough lights in your room, change the bulb. A sober warm white light in the room will make it cozier and inviting than a white light. If you do not have too many lights and it is restricted to the basic lights on your walls or ceiling, get a nice floor lamp or a desk lamp. Pick an interesting shade and place it in a prominent place.


Add a rug to enhance the floor. Make your floor look different and inviting to step on at the same time. Choose a color that is completely out of the color family of rest of the fabrics in the room. This will make the rug stand out. Since it goes under your feet and is not at eye level, an interesting color or pattern will get some attention to it.


Get yourself a reading corner. If you are not into reading, this can be just your private corner in your bedroom. You can get a nice swing or a high back chair and ottoman to stretch out your feet on.…

3 Big Tips for Garage Safety: Keeping Your Car Safe

Garage safety takes a few careful implementations. And the steps you take can make it easy for you to park your car and also ensure that your garage is a safe place for your car and for all those who use the space as well.


Work on creating the right type of ventilation in your garage. Having too many open windows might make it difficult to maintain. There might be several cleaning agents and chemicals that you might use inside the garage. When you have a hardware project being executed in your garage then there are chances of fine dust and fumes circulating in the air inside. Find safe and non-hazardous alternatives to the substances you use in your garage. A good quality vacuum cleaner and blower can be a great investment.

Check for leaks

Always have periodic monitoring of your garage scheduled in advance and stick with the schedules. These should be used to check for fluid leaks from the car or even from the workplace. There could also be leaks from the fluids that you have stored in your garage. To identify the presence of inflammable substances and clean the mess soon after you spot one.

Have the safety measures installed

A fire extinguisher, smoke detector, and pollutant fumes or toxic gas detectors are all indispensable in a garage. This help preserves a safe and secure ambiance in the garage and can be handy when accidents do occur.

Besides taking the above steps, ensure that you check the power outlet in your garage and supply an ample amount of lighting inside the garage space. Working in the dark can increase the dangers. Tool organizing racks and shelves can help conveniently store your tools. For the safety of your car while parking, install bumpers and reflective stickers wherever required. is a great website for those looking to buy garage products.…

7 Things You Should Know About Personal Loans

Read on to know the 7 important things you should know about personal loans:

No guarantee:  Normally the lenders require the personal guarantee of a creditworthy person while giving a loan.  But in the case of personal loans, no banks ask for a personal guarantee.

Interest and charges:  The interest rates differ from bank to bank.  Also note that various charges like processing fee, foreclosure charges etc. are basic factors you should check and compare.  Sites like provide full details of personal loans offered by different banks.  Hence comparison job is made easy.  Always select the loan where the interest and charges are reasonable.

Fast processing:  It is the speediest type of loan which is processed so quickly, and the amount is credited to your bank account.  The time can range from minutes to 1-2 days depending on the bank you choose.  There are few types of loans which will take high processing time.  Normally people get loans only to meet urgent needs.  When the loan processing is delayed the very purpose of taking the loan may not be met.

Loan amount:  Please note that the personal loan amount is based on your income level.  The higher the income the higher the eligible amount.  Also, you should have a good credit history and rating.

No end use stipulation:  Personal loan does not restrict usage of the funds for the selected purpose.  You can take a personal loan for any purpose- education, travel, buying a home, wedding expenses etc.  Hence the flexibility factor is high.

No complex documentation:  Like a few types of loans, personal loans do not involve complicated loan documents.  Simple KYC documents like address and identity proof and income proof are all are needed.

No security:  These loans do not require the backing of an asset to be mortgaged as security.

Six Google Home Tips and Tricks for Busy Parents

  1. Aah! Technology to the rescue:

Have you been sometimes at your desk and hoped to connect with the children back home?

Surveillance cameras can help you see what they are up to but what if you want to give some live information?

Have you thought how Google Home can help busy parents to make sure that thing on their home front is as good as they always wanted to and at the same time they are able to control their home environment remotely?

  1. Add the kids account on the family link:

Adding the kid’s account can mean a great new experience for them as well. Also, with the parental control, you can make sure that they do not handle too much technology than what they are capable of in their tender age.

  1. Getting help with their homework!

Yes, calling out to Google Home for homework help or to ask any random question that passes through their inquisitive minds is now a great idea whilst you prepare the dinner or are trying to send a that important email with your presentation for the next day!

  1. Educational games!

Move over silly games, educational games are more engaging. I tried putting them onto some of the Maths Solving games and they had a chum time figuring out the answers. Check out starwalkkids in case you think you are looking out for engaging educational toys.

  1. Bedtime stories:

What if someone could double up for you when the kids need to be put in bed? Anya and Aasim had to be told stories in bed or they would not sleep. Google Home can say engrossing tales and put them to sound sleep, wow!

  1. Ordering dinner:

For one of those days when you are going to get back late and you know the kids have to wake up early to go to bed, you can ask Google Home to order food for the household. A lot of busy parents think this is a big boon!

Top Things to Consider Before a Bathroom Remodel

Everyone will like to present his or her house in a beautiful way and want to live in an atmosphere which should be unique in the style and also in other aspects.  If you want to get more detail regarding renovation just click the following site to make your house to look beautiful.  If you wish, try to gather some new innovative ideas in the household things, modular kitchen, and new toiletries to suit you much better than ever.

In this article let us see the things to be considered before a bathroom renovation.

  • Makeup you’re Budget: Once have you decided to remodel your bathroom, decide upon the budget you are going to renovate it.  The cost should include replacing the older items with the newer one.  Decide on the things which are to be replaced or replace each and every item as a whole.  Replacing the entire item may add on your budget to a little extent than the replacement of older items.  So try to fix up the cost you are going to spend on renovation.
  • Fix the space required: Try to fix the space going to be used as a bathroom with the provision of bathtub, toilet, and sink also with the storage of items.
  • The height of Sink and other toiletries: Decide upon the height in which all toiletries including the sink are to be placed.  It should be according to the user height or it should on the specified level.
  • Provisions for storage: There should be an option for the storage facility of items like soap, toothbrush, paste, towel, etc.  It will help you to store the appropriate items accordingly.
  • Decide on the Flooring and Walls: Avoid using wallpapers since if it is used, it will lose the attractiveness in due course of time. The flooring should be in such a way that it should not too much slippery.  Enough grips will ensure you to walk with confidence.
  • Good Ventilation: Try to fit exhaust fans for good air supply which pushes out the air and brings in the fresh air outside. It will help to avoid foul odor inside the bathroom.
  • Provision for repair works: There should be enough options to do repair works of these toiletries when it is necessary.
  • Provision for Cleaning: Try to ensure there is an option for cleaning the bathroom in order to avoid germs causing diseases.
  • Avoid cheap materials: Be sure with the items are of high quality and don’t go for purchasing the cheap materials since it may result in paying twice.  So it is better to avoid using cheaper materials.