An Essential Guide on Window Care

When you focus on maintaining a house, you think about cleaning, painting, dusting the walls, etc. more often than not, the windows are forgotten. Once the entire house is scrubbed and clean, we realize the windows have been missed and they for a major part of the house, both when seen from inside and outside.

Here is how you can care for your windows and ensure they look neat and last longer:

Insulation – When humidity is high in the air, the windows tend to sweat on the inside. They start getting foggy and a layer of moisture settles on them. Though this may not affect you, it will ruin your windows over a period of time.

In order to prevent this condensation, the windows need to be tightly packed. A double glazed window can reduce this condensation to a great extent, thereby extending the life of your windows. We got double glazed windows for our house in Edinburgh and maintenance has been very easy ever since.

Another way to stop the moisture from seeping into the frames is to open the windows and let the temperature decrease inside the house. When the temperature on the inside matches the temperature outside, chances of condensation are lesser.

Spray Clean – There are a number of sprays available in the market that makes it easy to clean and care for your windows. Today the solutions are not too harsh on both your windows and your skin, thus making it safe to be used on a regular basis.

Every now and then, spray down your windows and give it a good scrub. When the sun is up and bright on a warm day, open the windows and let them dry in the heat. This will also help you get some fresh air into an otherwise closed house and make the entire place smell and feel fresher than before.